Solo Dream Drive towards North East 2016…Day (22) Jorabat-Hasimara

12th March 2016, Saturday…Day (22) Jorabat-Hasimara 321 km

Slept for almost two hours that night inside the car parked near a roadside dhaba in Jorabat. Jacob was half awake and waiting for me sitting on a chair, face resting on the table. He had spent the last two hours of the wee hours half awake and half sleep. We ordered tea and quickly drove to Guwahati.

Lalpari parked near a dhaba in Jorabat

Dropped Jacob at ISBT Guwahati and drove off to Amritsar Punjabi Dhaba on Amingaon Road, Guwahati. Randhir Singh, the dhaba owner arrived at around 10am and cooked yummy tandoori aloo parantha for me. Rested for a while, washed the car, cleaned the inside of the car (my home), freshened up and then drove off NH-27 for my next destination in the afternoon.

Lalpari parked at Amritsar Punjabi Dhaba, Amingaon, Guwahati

Initially I did not have any specific destination for the day in mind. While driving from Oodlabari to Guwahati on the way up I had noticed a nice place named Hasimara, gateway to Bhutan. It has an Air Force Station and a Gurudwara on the roadside and lot many trucks with punjabi drivers were parked near it.

Lalpari on the way to Hasimara

The entire drive from Guwahati to Hasimara was wonderful, nice road, tea gardens, dooars, forest area, water streams and lot of truck traffic. Number of trucks were parked near the Gurudwara. Parked the car near the Gurudwara, met many punjabi drivers, paid respects at the Gurudwara and ate langar (community food).

Later in the evening had nice time listening to the fascinating stories of truck drivers, their way of living, hardships they faced and walking through Hasimara bazar. At around 9pm I drove the car near the gate of the Gurudwara, pulled the covers over, slipped inside the car and went to sleep……….!!!

Map of the Route followed for the day

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