Solo Drive to White Khajjiar…Day (2) White Khajjiar

18th January 2017, Wednesday….Day (2) White Khajjiar, 0 km

I woke up to a stunning morning in Khajjiar that day……….!

The whole surrounding had turned into pure white gold. The meadow was draped in pure white blanket and the sight was like an unimaginable beautiful dream coming right out of a fairy land. It looked so unreal, unbelievable, waking or a dream.

DSC_0004 (2)
Khajjiar had  turned into pure white gold

Despite the scare during the middle of the night, I had sufficient sleep inside the car parked in Khajjiar parking. The light coming out from a tube light hung outside hotel Parul was a great support other than moonlight during the dark night.

DSC_0008 (2)
On the way to hotel Parul

It kept snowing throughout the night. In fact it was still raining when I got out of my car. First up I walked upto hotel Parul to freshening up and morning tea. It was too early though, the hotel staff was still asleep. No need to hurry up as there weren’t many tourists around and not many were expected during the day as all the roads and routes were closed.

DSC_0017 (2)
Beautiful White Khajjiar

I got my DSLR out and began clicking pictures of the pure white gold spread everywhere. An army of stray dogs joined me and started wagging tales looking into my eyes with love and care. And as I walked into the two-three deep feet snowy meadow, they started walking with me.

A few started navigating while some others walked besides me as if guarding me from any imminent danger. The rest behaved as if they were my fellow travellers and seemed to mimic everything I did.

DSC_0027 (2)
It took a little while when the doors of the hotel Parul opened that morning

Other than the army of friendly dogs, I was the only one awake and walking through the beautiful white snow field. My feet and legs were digging deep into the fresh snow. Had I not worn the gum shoes, it would have been impossible for me to walk down into the snowy field.

DSC_0056 (2)
Snowy forest at Khajjiar

After walking and clicking pictures for over an hour I returned back to hotel Parul, freshed up and had two cups of tea, charged camera batteries, laptop and had yummy breakfast consisting of mix parathas and curd.

DSC_0061 (2)
White Khajjiar

The temple bells and aroma of freshly lit agarbatti filled the air and I knew the priest at the Khajji nag temple was up as well, walked into the temple, bowed my head in reverence and thought how lucky I was.

DSC_0063 (2)
Snowy Khajjiar

No tourists or outsiders arrived at the meadow that day. It continued snowing and drizzling the whole day. All the roads and routes were closed. The only people I saw that day were a group of photographers and daily wagers passing their time, gossiping and playing cards.

DSC_0066 (2)
Snowy Khajjiar
DSC_0073 (2)
Snowy Khajjiar
DSC_0076 (2)
Snowy Khajjiar
DSC_0084 (2)
Pure white snow spread everywhere
DSC_0085 (2)
White Khajjiar
DSC_0086 (2)
White Khajjiar

Spend the whole day walking, resting and clicking pictures. Sometimes I would go inside the car, read, listen to music, write daily diary or would return back at hotel Parul talk to the staff, its manager Rajender Sharma, eat or drink something, charged the batteries etc.

Despite heavy snowfall, the phone network and electricity kept working throughout the day. I kept enjoying hot tea after about every hour. The staff at hotel Parul served me very well as I was the only customer that day.

DSC_0089 (2)
White Khajjiar
DSC_0093 (2)
White Khajjiar
DSC_0097 (2)
Dark clouds hovering over White Khajjiar
DSC_0099 (2)
All the shops kept closed throughout the day
DSC_0103 (2)
Amazing Khajjiar
DSC_0105 (2)
Snow white Khajjiar
DSC_0110 (2)
Snow laden deodar trees in Khajjiar
DSC_0116 (2)
Snow laden deodar trees in Khajjiar
DSC_0118 (2)
White Khajjiar
DSC_0122 (2)
Snowy White Khajjiar
DSC_0137 (2)
Snow White Khajjiar
DSC_0142 (2)
Snow White Khajjiar
DSC_0143 (2)
Snow White Khajjiar
DSC_0149 (2)
Snow on deodar tree in Khajjiar
DSC_0154 (2)
Snowed Rest House in Khajjiar
DSC_0162 (2)
Snow White Khajjiar
DSC_0189 (2)
Snow White Khajjiar
DSC_0191 (2)
Snow tree and the shadow

Few times during the day, Sun tried to come out and break the spell but all in vain. Weather remained murky and dull most of the time. The whole Khajjiar meadow and surrounding kept filling with fresh white snow incessantly.

DSC_0199 (2)
Sunlight trying hard to break snowy blanket

The most beautiful moment of the trip arrived at around 11am. The Sun shone briefly but brightly over the freshly snowed Khajjiar meadow while the dark clouds were still hovering on the other side of the horizon.

The sight became stunningly beautiful, never seen before. It was once in a lifetime experience. That made my day and the whole trip. This was the precise moment I had dreamt while planning this trip.

DSC_0212 (2)
Dreamlike Snow White Khajjiar
DSC_0228 (2)
Group of hotels, restaurants and temple in Snow White Khajjiar

Did not do much that day thereafter. Kept watching the heavenly snow showers and blessings of Mother Nature fill the meadow and our lives. I kept frozen in the state of awe thinking and feeling about all those beautiful things happening in our lives. We are so lucky to be alive and living this life.

Night fell early that day. The initial part of the night was spent listening to old hindi romantic songs playing on fm radio, sipping on smoothening light drinks, watching heavenly snowflakes settling in the meadow, yummy dinner from hotel Parul and a satisfying dreamy sound sleep, A DREAM COME TRUE………!!!

DSC_0161 (2)
Lalpari parked in the parking of Khajjiar, slept inside the car here for two nights

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