Solo Drive to White Khajjiar…Day (1) Amritsar to Khajjiar

17th January 2017, Tuesday….Day (1) Amritsar to Khajjiar, 271 km

Ever since my first bike ride to Khajjiar on blue Yamaha RX-100 in 1985, I have been to Khajjiar a number of times and in almost all seasons. But white Khajjiar had always eluded me. Since my freedom from Bank in 2011, I have dreamt and attempted white Khajjiar a number of times but failed. This time I decided to give it serious shot.

DSC_0109 (2)
Lalpari parked at Nainikhad

When I woke up in my home in Amritsar on 16th Jan 17, Monday, it was overcast and raining. My friends who live in mountains started sharing live pictures of falling snow. One of my friends Johar Singh who lives in Dalhousie and runs an eating joint ‘Bon-Appetit’ near Gandhi Chowk also shared live videos of fresh snow fall in Dalhousie.

DSC_0121 (2)
Dalhousie, clicked from Banikhet-Chamba Road

The weather report predicted heavy snowfall on 17th and 18th Jan in Dalhousie and Khajjiar. I rang up a hotel in Khajjiar, they told me it was snowing heavily, all tourists have left, all the roads are closed and that I should postpone my plan for some next time. My friend Johar Singh also advised me to postpone the drive as it was snowing heavily.

DSC_0123 (2)
Lalpari at Banikhet-Chamba Road, notice snowfall on the road, doesn’t happen quite often here

I always follow my heart. It told me that it was the right time for the drive to white Khajjiar. I thought what maximum can happen. I have already got a bed built in the car by removing the back seat. I can sleep inside the car if situation so warranted or return back if need be.

DSC_0129 (2)
Lalpari on Banikhet-Chamba Road, notice fresh snow on the hills and road.

So packed the car with some dry fruit, heavy clothing, gum shoes, umbrella, torch, sufficient bedding and drove to Nainikhad by evening.

Situated on Pathankot-Chamba highway, Nainikhad is a popular truckers and buses halt. There are a number of veg and non veg dhabas besides a theka and a puncture shop. Fews tea shops remain open throughout the night and the vehicles keep stopping for tea and break the night journey. Water supply is in abundance here as a babbling water stream flows nearby.

Snow clad Pir Panjal Range and Chamera Lake

Like many times in the past, spent a nice evening and slept inside the car parked at Nainikhad. As I sipped first cup of tea in the morning, the boy at the tea shop recognised me by my style of dipping bund in the glass full of tea. He knew I have slept inside the car a number of times in the past as well.

DSC_0163 (2)
Chamera Dam, Chamera Lake and snow clad Pir Panjal Range.

Banikhet-Dalhousie-Khajjiar road was closed due to heavy snowfall. Chowari Jot-Khajjiar road was closed too. My only chance to make it to white Khajjiar was Chamba-Khajjiar road. Keeping this in mind I began driving slowly towards Chamba.

DSC_0185 (2)
Lalpari on the banks of River Ravi near Chamba

Weather was awesome. Clouds were playing hide and seek. Mighty Pir Panjal range was clad in fresh snow. The road and mountains around were draped in white snowy blanket. It drizzled at times and the traffic was minimal. I was enjoying fully though.

DSC_0193 (2)
Chamba to Gate Road

The views of Pir Panjal overlooking Chamera lake and Dam were fantastic. I took a little break, climbed on a hill and clicked few pictures. River ravi and Chamera lake looked beautiful too.

I took a right turn from Sultanpur about 4 kilometers before Chamba and reached Gate, midway point between Chowari Jot and Khajjiar. Surprisingly the road and surroundings were full with fresh snow, never seen this before.

DSC_0196 (2)
On the way to Gate
DSC_0206 (2)
Gate, midway point between Chowari Jot and Khajjiar

This tea shop cum dhaba is my favorite for the last so many years. I have visited this place many times in the past solo, with friends and family as well. We have always enjoyed mix veg pakoras with bread and tea here. Hot pakoras and tea tasted even better this time as everything around was so cold and snowed.

DSC_0210 (2)
Hot pakoras and bread at Gate

Arun Chauhan, the boy, who runs this joint with his family told me that the road to Chowari Jot will not open for at least one month from now and that the snow clearing machine has just gone to Khajjiar and since it had started snowing again, the road might not be open till Khajjiar.

DSC_0213 (2)
Arun Chauhan at his shop in Gate

I decided to try my luck and started driving towards Khajjiar. It was snowing, the road had hard and soft snow as well. The snow clearing machine had left its marks behind, I kept driving on them. At times Lalpari wobbled and skidded but somehow kept on moving slowly towards its destination.

DSC_0214 (2)
Snow clad Pir Panjal and snowed valley

The landscape around was just stunning. Mighty Pir Panjal range clad in fresh snow was looking awesome.  The valleys, villages, hills, trees, fields and everything was laden with snow. It was an unforgettable sight.

DSC_0221 (2)
Snow clad Pir Panjal Range and snow on the road
DSC_0222 (2)
Lalpari on the way to Khajjiar
DSC_0230 (2)
Snowed village and fields
DSC_0236 (2)
Forest check post at Khajjiar
DSC_0237 (2)
Lalpari on the way to Khajjiar
DSC_0241 (2)
Lalpari on the way to Khajjiar
DSC_0247 (2)
Lalpari on the way to Khajjiar
DSC_0251 (2)
Snowed valley and surroundings
DSC_0252 (2)
Snowy slippery road
DSC_0253 (2)
Snowing on the Pir Panjal Range
DSC_0263 (2)
Snowed Shiv Temple and the valley
DSC_0266 (2)
Lalpari on the way to Khajjiar
DSC_0269 (2)
Snowing Shiv Temple and Khajjiar village

Wow…..when I reached Khajjiar it was all white, so beautiful and stunning. I had dreamt about it so many times but never could really make it. Despite the fact the place is so close to our place and that I have been here a number of times yet I was able to behold the stunning white Khajjiar sight only after attaining the age of 55.

DSC_0289 (2)
Finally Lalpari reached Khajjiar
DSC_0300 (2)
Photoshoot at White Khajjiar
DSC_0304 (2)
Snow clearing machine which made my drive possible

Although it kept snowing throughout from Gate to Khajjiar yet I did not face much difficulty in navigating the car to Khajjiar. The car did wobble and skid a little at some places yet, since I was driving mostly in the first gear without using clutch or brakes, I was able to put the car on trek time and again. Scant traffic helped too.

DSC_0319 (2)
White Khajjiar…..a stunning sight
DSC_0340 (2)
Hotel Devdar annexe
DSC_0344 (2)
A shivering monkey
DSC_0349 (2)
White Khajjiar

I kept walking and clicking pictures from wherever I could go. Gum shoes were of immense help. Even they were not of much help when I tried going deep near the lake. My legs were going deep into the snow upto the knees which made my thighs wet and numb.

DSC_0366 (2)
Snowing White Khajjiar

It kept snowing slowly throughout the day. It became harder as the day progressed. By evening it was snowing very heavily. All the tourists staying in Khajjiar had already left, I was the only outsider in the whole of Khajjiar. Majority of hotels, guest houses and restaurants were closed. No rehri wala tea or snacks vendors were there.

DSC_0383 (2)
Selfie in snowing white Khajjiar

Luckily hotel Parul was open and despite heavy snowfall electricity and BSNL/JIO network was working. The manager at hotel Parul, Rajinder Sharma helped me immensely. I spent most of my time inside the car or at hotel Parul when it snowed heavily where I was also able to charge my camera and laptop batteries as well.

DSC_0385 (2)
Snow bathed dog

In the evening it started snowing very heavily. Entire Khajjiar meadow got filled with 2-3 feet snow. Pure white gold got spread everywhere. The sights and the scenes around became so stunning, it’s hard to describe in words.

Watching those white snow flakes falling ever so silently in the fading light of the day, no one else around, the whole valley by myself, I felt I was lucky to be there at that moment. These moments are so precious and rare in our lives.

DSC_0389 (2)
Snowing heavily in Khajjiar

I don’t know till how long I kept watching those beautiful scenes until I woke up and walked down to my car and had few drinks while listening to music and thinking about how beautiful life is. I thought it was not a big deal I could have been here long ago, how come I missed this so far.

DSC_0390 (2)
Everything has gone snowy white

I was the only one at the dinner table that night at Parul hotel. They were kind enough to serve a solo person freshly cooked food. They were little apprehensive of me sleeping inside the car in the snowy night and nobody around, yet I decided to give it a try.

DSC_0391 (2)
Fresh snowfall in Khajjiar

After dinner walked up to the car and slipped inside, could not cover the car as it was snowing and already lot of snow had gathered on its roof and sides. For the first few hours I could not sleep and kept working on my mobile phone until I fell asleep.

DSC_0421 (2)
Slept inside the car here in Khajjiar

Suddenly I heard strange sounds near the car that woke me up. For some time I kept my head down trying to understand the sounds. After a while I pulled my head and saw through the window towards the place from where the sound was coming. There was some movement in the dark. It felt as if some animals were fighting.

DSC_0423 (2)
Slept inside the car here in Khajjiar

I gathered some courage and flashed torch light on the fighting objects. As soon as the torch light hit them, the animals immediately ran away. I noticed they were a pair of jackals and had come to feast on the leftover left by us humans.

DSC_0432 (2)
Slept inside the car here in Khajjiar

It surely scared me. I kept waking and waiting for awhile. I felt like urinating but was scared to go out. It took me awhile to muster enough courage to go out and urinate in snowy dark night………..!!!

Screenshot (2)
Map of the route followed for the day

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