2011,Nov…Day(4) Manali-Prashar Lake-Chail Chowk.

26th November 2011, Saturday….Day(4) Manali-Prashar Lake-Chail Chowk 219 km

During one of my visits to Mandi few months back, an old wise man had described to me the beauty of Prashar lake and panoramic view of surrounding hills and valleys from hill top near Prashar lake. I have a knack for visiting new places and newer roads. So opportunity presented itself and I decided to grab it.

img1126_112008349 (2)-2
Beautiful River Beas

Prashar lake on my mind, got up to a crisp, sunny, cool morning at Manali. Morning rituals, breakfast, check out and I was on my way. Soon I was driving on beautiful road along the beautiful Beas river to Kullu, Bhuntar and Bajaura.

img1126_114106854 (2)-2
River Beas

All along beautiful Beas river, Bajaura is a 55 km pleasant drive from Manali on NH 21. The road passes through some of the most busiest, bustling towns of Kullu valley.

At bajaura I turned right on state highway to Mandi for Prashar lake. After 26 kilometer drive on a narrow, lonely, beautiful road, reached a ‘Y’ junction.  Straight road continues for Mandi (25 km) and left leads to Prashar Lake (23 km).

Newly built bridge on river Beas
img1126_115850168 (2)-2
A new bridge on river Beas

The road from here is a dirt trek, passes through thick, dark but beautiful forest. There are a number of water crossings. One should not be surprised if one doesn’t see any human or vehicle for many miles even though there are  some small villages enroute.

img1126_135106671 (2)-2
Road to Prashar Lake
img1126_135227206 (2)-2
Road to Prashar Lake
img1126_135353706 (2)-2
Road to Prashar Lake
img1126_140435030 (2)-2
Road to Prashar Lake
img1126_140935096 (2)-2
Road to Prashar Lake

Parked the car at a parking lot along the road. From there it’s around half a mile walk up the hill on a autumn burnt dry grass. The lake and temple area is maintained by a trust and is fenced all around with barbed wire. There are small iron gates to enter the area.

img1126_145235046 (2)-2
One of the entrance to Prashar Lake

After walking half a mile, the first glimpse of the lake and pagoda shaped temple is a pretty sight. Presence of few young college boys and girls were giving it a very colorful look to otherwise calm and serene surroundings.

img1126_145519410 (2)-2
Prashar Lake

The three story pagoda shaped wooden temple is said to be constructed in the 13th century and held sacred to Rishi Parashar.

img1126_145730399 (2)-2
Prashar Lake

The Prashar lake with its blue water, unmeasured depth, is located at about 9000 ft above sea level and has a floating landmass in the middle.

img1126_145923174 (2)-2
Picnicking is very common at the lake

After paying my respects at the temple, walked around the lake and went up on a nearby hill. At one point, the hike and angle of the climb was such that I felt like falling and rolling down the hill on my back.

img1126_150102884 (2)-2
Prashar Rishi Temple

On reaching the highest hill in the area I felt like a winner. The panoramic view of the Himalayas and Valleys was just amazing . I thanked the old wise man of Mandi who had built my dream describing the beauty of the place and planting a seed in my mind. Here I was, a few months after, living that dream.

img1126_150204898 (3)-2
Posing near Prashar Lake

In order to absorb the beauty of the place I closed my eyes and sat in silence for a while. I did not know how time just flew, I saw people leave the place and soon the lake area gave a very deserted look. Very few people stay here for the night. Evening was setting in. So I also decided to leave. Descended down to the road where my lalpari was parked.

img1126_151943985 (2)-2
Highest point around the lake

There was a nice forest rest house at the place. Looking at the beauty of the place, for a moment I got double minded whether to stay or move down to the next destination. The chill in the air, paucity of electricity and food at the rest house made me to leave the place for some other time.

img1126_152038230 (2)-2
Prashar Rishi Temple complex from up the hill

img1126_152107421 (2)-2

View of the surroundings from up the hill

img1126_152307521 (2)-2

Prashar Lake and Temple complex as viewed from the hill above

img1126_153348693 (2)-2

Prashar Lake and Temple complex from up above the hill

Drove back to Bajaura through forests of Prashar dhar and reached NH 21 before dark. Not sure where would I spend the night, started checking hotels at Pandoh and after reassurance from one of the filling station attendants, decided to drive on a state road to Chail Chowk.

There were three reasons for my decision to drive to Chail Chowk.

1. I had forgotten my photon plus viz device at the Hotel Hill View, Naldehra on my way       up, which I needed to collect back.

2. There was a chance of going to Janjehli and Shikari Devi, the next day.

3. I like this drive…from Chail Chowk to Shimla via naldehra.


Having these thoughts in mind, drove on a secluded dark road to Chail Chowk via Pandoh. I was not sure whether I would find any good accommodation at Chail Chowk. At Chail Chowk I met a gentleman named Pankaj whom I had given lift on my way up. He helped me in finding a good accommodation at forest rest house Chail Chowk.

The Stay at Chail Chowk forest rest house was absolutely fantastic. The rest house was large, neat and well kept. I was the only resident of the rest house on that night. On my request, the caretaker brought liquor from the market and cooked nice simple food for me.

Took few drinks, ate simple but wonderful food comprising dal, sabzi, roti and salad and went deep down in the fantasy of my dreams, thinking of going to Shikari Devi, the next day……………………………….!!!!


17 thoughts on “2011,Nov…Day(4) Manali-Prashar Lake-Chail Chowk.

  1. What an awesome destination! The road to get there looks pretty hairy, but beautiful things like this are always kind of hard to reach. Thanks for the pictures and awesome post!

  2. Hi Sunil..Can you please share your contact number.Like to know some info on Parashar,I am from South most state of India planning to travel to this loc in the month of August.

  3. Hws d road conditions till lake.. is it motor able till lake??? Vl b going in may from kullu. V hv kids with us.

    • Jee Hetal, road is motorable till about 500 meters below the lake. Road is rough, ascent, passes through a forest and is full of slush during rains. I thing it will be okay in May and no problems with kids of course.

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