2012, April…Day(2) Jhakri-Chitkul-Sangla.

2nd April, 2012, Monday……Day (2) Jhakri-Chitkul-Sangla 131 km

Woke up…got ready and since I was very excited, began driving very early in the morning. The drive on Hindustan Tibet along the roaring Sutlej was just amazing.

Photo1522 (2)
Hotel Mahesh, Jhakri


Photo1576 (2)
Famous Kinnaur Dwar

Hindustan tibet road is one of the most adventurous, romantic, hair raising roads in the world. I had been dreaming about driving on this road for many many years. It was sheer joy driving on this road early in the morning.

Photo1592 (3)
Famous landmark on Hindustan-Tibet Road
Photo1654 (2)
Karcham Dam

Left NH 22 here at Karcham, crossed the bridge and turned right towards Sangla valley. From here Sangla was just 16 km.

Photo1655 (2)
A temple on the road to Sangla/Chitkul
Photo1683 (3)
Colorful landscape on the way to Sangla/Chitkul

On being asked, I was told that these people were going to see off their guests to another village…chit chatting, playing music and offering them home made apricot, apple drinks.

Took a break in Sangla. Had  momos and thukpa. Walked around a little and then moved on to Chitkul still 28 km from Sangla.

Photo1689 (2)
People seeing off their guru
Photo1703 (2)
Landscape on the way to Chitkul

Road from Sangla passes through some of the most beautiful villages….Batseri and Raksham. On the left side were huge cliffs with lot of green cover while on the right was beautiful river Baspa, snow clad mountains, orchards and wooden houses.

The surroundings were colorful and beautiful……pink, red, white, purple, dark green with white snow clad mountains in the background.

Photo1709 (2)
On the way to Chitkul
Photo1736 (2)
On the way to Chitkul
Photo1752 (2)
Lalpari at Chitkul
Photo1769 (2)
Beyond Chitkul
Photo1772 (2)
Photo1778 (2)
Photo1785 (2)
Photo1789 (2)
Beautiful Baspa River

Chitkul is the last inhabited village near Indo-Tibet border. The Indian road ends here. During winters, the place remains mostly covered with snow and the inhabitants move down to lower regions of Himachal. Potatoes grown at Chitkul are one of the best in India and are very costly.

Photo1820 (2)
Warning, don’t go beyond this point
Photo1821 (2)
Chitkul wilderness
Photo1833 (2)
Beyond Chitkul and Baspa River
Photo1852 (2)
Photo1854 (2)
Inhabitants of Chitkul spinning wool
Photo1864 (2)
Last Indian Dhaba
Photo1868 (4)
At Chitkul
Photo1871 (3)
At Chitkul
Screenshot001 (2)
Map of the route followed for the day

Had absolutely amazing day. I was kind of lost throughout the day. The previous day I was in Ludhiana…smoking chimneys, honking vehicles, worried, hurried, lost people. Here, it was like heaven. Beautiful snow clad mountains, meandering Baspa with crystal clear water, rainbow of colours on the cliffs, simple smiling helping people….Amazing.

Got back to Sangla and stayed for the night at Hotel Devi Regency run by a man from Bengal. By the way most of the hotels in the area are run by people from Bengal as most travellers to the area are from Bengal……..!!!


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